Collection of helper functions for PicaRecord and DaiaPHP
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HHelper – A collection of helper functions for DaiaPHP and PicaRecord


A collection of helper functions for DaiaPHP and PicaRecord.

Defined helper functions

  • \HAB\Helper::complement()

    Return the complement of a function, that is a function that takes the same arguments as the original function and has the same side-effect as the original function but returns a boolean with the opposite truth value.

  • \HAB\Helper::mapMethod()

    Return an array of the results of calling a method for each element of a sequence.

  • \HAB\Helper::mapClone()

    Return an array with clones of each element in sequence.

  • \HAB\Helper::some()

    Return TRUE if at least one element of a sequence matches a predicate.

  • \HAB\Helper::every()

    Return TRUE if every element of a sequence fullfills a predicate.

  • \HAB\Helper::flatten()

    Flatten a sequence.

  • \HAB\Helper::constantly()

    Return function that takes any number of arguments, has no side-effect and constantly returns a value.