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config Added support for JavaScript session keep-alive.
data/cache Initial commit -- beginning to adapt VuFind 2 to Zend Framework 2 bet…
harvest Basic auth support for OAI harvester.
import Updated browse .jar files
languages A couple of tweaks to Swedish translation.
local Revert "Bulk action button theming in bootprint." local push
module Allow editing of favorites no longer in index.
packages/DEBIAN Added dependency.
public Simplified initialization to match latest skeleton application.
solr Updated browse .jar files
tests Progress on VUFIND-701 (Dewey AlphaBrowse skips records w/ multiple c…
vendor Updated Summon library.
.gitignore Resolves issues where files from vendor are not being committed to repo
build.xml Updating version number for next release.
composer.json Upgraded Zend Framework.
composer.lock Updated Summon library.
import-marc-auth.bat Removed outdated references to install.bat. Add executable permission to shell scripts.
import-marc.bat Changed default VUFIND_HOME setting for Linux.
index-alphabetic-browse.bat Make AlphaBrowse indexing compatible with replicated indexes.
run_vufind.bat Added utility scripts. Changed default VUFIND_HOME setting for Linux.

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