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LSTM char-rnn

Because we explicitly unroll the LSTM/RNN over time for a fixed sequence length, it is easy to fit this model into the existing FeedForward model and re-use everything. To get a more flexible LSTM/RNN implementation that avoids explicit unrolling and deals with variable-length sequences, we still need to implement another model beside the existing FeedForward.

To run this example, you will need to install two extra Julia packages: Iterators.jl and StatsBase.jl.


This example is adapted from the example in Python binding of MXNet. The data input.txt can be downloaded here.

Modify parameters in config.jl and then run train.jl. An example output of training looks like this:

INFO: Speed: 357.72 samples/sec
INFO: == Epoch 020 ==========
INFO: ## Training summary
INFO:                NLL = 1.4672
INFO:         perplexity = 4.3373
INFO:               time = 87.2631 seconds
INFO: ## Validation summary
INFO:                NLL = 1.6374
INFO:         perplexity = 5.1418
INFO: Saved checkpoint to 'char-lstm/checkpoints/ptb-0020.params'
INFO: Speed: 368.74 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 361.04 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 360.02 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 362.34 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 360.80 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 362.77 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 357.18 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 355.30 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 362.33 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 359.23 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 358.09 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 356.89 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 371.91 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 372.24 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 356.59 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 356.64 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 360.24 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 360.32 samples/sec
INFO: Speed: 362.38 samples/sec
INFO: == Epoch 021 ==========
INFO: ## Training summary
INFO:                NLL = 1.4655
INFO:         perplexity = 4.3297
INFO:               time = 86.9243 seconds
INFO: ## Validation summary
INFO:                NLL = 1.6366
INFO:         perplexity = 5.1378
INFO: Saved checkpoint to 'examples/char-lstm/checkpoints/ptb-0021.params'


Run sampler.jl to generate sample sentences from the trained model. Some example sentences are

## Sample 1
all have sir,
Away will fill'd in His time, I'll keep her, do not madam, if they here? Some more ha?

## Sample 2

Hone here, let her, the remedge, and I know not slept a likely, thou some soully free?

## Sample 3
arrel which noble thing
The exchnachsureding worns: I ne'er drunken Biancas, fairer, than the lawfu?

## Sample 4
augh assalu, you'ld tell me corn;
Farew. First, for me of a loved. Has thereat I knock you presents?

## Sample 5
ame the first answer.

Door of Angelo as her lord, shrield liken Here fellow the fool ?

## Sample 6
ad well.

Soon him a fellows here; for her fine edge in a bogms' lord's wife.


## Sample 7
adrezilian measure.

So, help'd you hath nes have a than dream's corn, beautio, I perchas?

## Sample 8
as eatter me;
The girlly: and no other conciolation!

I have be rest girl. O, that I a h?

## Sample 9
and is intend you sort:
What held her all 'clama's for maffice. Some servant.' what I say me the cu?

## Sample 10
an thoughts will said in our pleasue,
Not scanin on him that you live; believaries she.