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Two extra python packages are needed for this example:

  • MXNet nightly build
  • requests
  • rdflib
  • pandas
pip install mxnet --pre
pip install requests rdflib pandas

Example code was tested with rdflib 4.2.2 and pandas 0.23.4

Entity Classification

AIFB: accuracy 97.22% (DGL), 95.83% (paper)

DGLBACKEND=mxnet python -d aifb --testing --gpu 0

MUTAG: accuracy 76.47% (DGL), 73.23% (paper)

DGLBACKEND=mxnet python -d mutag --l2norm 5e-4 --n-bases 40 --testing --gpu 0

BGS: accuracy 79.31% (DGL, n-basese=20, OOM when >20), 83.10% (paper)

DGLBACKEND=mxnet python -d bgs --l2norm 5e-4 --n-bases 20 --testing --gpu 0 --relabel