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Graph Attention Networks (GAT)


  • torch v1.0: the autograd support for sparse mm is only available in v1.0.
  • requests
  • sklearn
pip install torch==1.0.0 requests

How to run

Run with following:

python3 --dataset=cora --gpu=0
python3 --dataset=citeseer --gpu=0
python3 --dataset=pubmed --gpu=0 --num-out-heads=8 --weight-decay=0.001
python3 --gpu=0


Dataset Test Accuracy Time(s) Baseline#1 times(s) Baseline#2 times(s)
Cora 84.0% 0.0127 0.0982 (7.7x) 0.0424 (3.3x)
Citeseer 70.7% 0.0123 n/a n/a
Pubmed 78.1% 0.0302 n/a n/a
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