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hbsun2113 and BarclayII [Model][Pytorch] GraphSAGE (#403)
* simple implemention of GraphSAGE

* update the abstract method and `torch.nn` modules are more utilized
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Failed to load latest commit information. [Model][Pytorch] GraphSAGE (#403) Feb 22, 2019 [Model][Pytorch] GraphSAGE (#403) Feb 22, 2019

Inductive Representation Learning on Large Graphs (GraphSAGE)


  • requests

bash pip install requests


Run with following (available dataset: "cora", "citeseer", "pubmed")

python --dataset cora --gpu 0
  • cora: ~0.8470
  • citeseer: ~0.6870
  • pubmed: ~0.7730
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