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Makefile Configuration of MShadow

MShadow is a template library, you only need to include mshadow to use it. So this folder is not used to build mshadow library file.

However, mshadow is a flexible library that allows you to compile with different configurations. For example, you can compile mshadow without CUDA, and specify your own choice of BLAS. There are different compile flags that you might need to set in your own configuration. This folder provides a Makefile script to help you do that.


  • Set the configurations via variables in your Makefile, see example in ../guide/
  • include in your Makefile
  • will give you compiler variables that you can include when compiling
    • Add MSHADOW_CFLAGS to the compile flags
    • Add MSHADOW_LDFLAGS to the linker flags
    • Add MSHADOW_NVCCFLAGS to the nvcc compile flags
  • For example Makefile, see ../guide/Makefile