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MKL2017 is an INTEL released library to accelerate Deep Neural Network (DNN) applications on Intel architecture.

MKL2017_ML is a subset of MKL2017 and only contains DNN acceleration feature, MKL2017 release cycle is longer then MKL2017_ML and MKL2017_ML support latest feature

This README shows the user how to setup and install MKL2017 library with mxnet.

Build/Install MXNet with MKL:

  1. Enable USE_MKL2017=1 in make/

    1.1 By default, MKL_2017_EXPRIEMENTAL=0. If setting MKL_2017_EXPRIEMENTAL=1, MKL buffer will be created and transferred between layers to achiever much higher performance.

    1.2 By default, USE_BLAS=atlas, MKLML_ROOT=/usr/local, MKL2017_ML will be used

    1.2.1 when excute make, Makefile will execute "" to download the MKL2017_ML library under

    1.2.2 manually steps for download MKL2017_ML problem wget<MKL VERSION>.tgz tar zxvf mklml_lnx_<MKL VERSION>.tgz cp -rf mklml_lnx_<MKL VERSION>/* <MKLML_ROOT>/


    1.3 If setting USE_BLAS=mkl

    1.3.1 please navigate here to do a full MKL installation:

    1.3.2 do not use MKL2017 and MKL2017_ML at the same time Do not execute MKL2017 or script before MxNet compilation. Otherwise, MKL2017 may conflict with MKL2017_ML and MxNet may not be compiled.   
  2. Run 'make -jX'

  3. Navigate into the python directory

  4. Run 'sudo python install'