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Contributors of DMLC/XGBoost

XGBoost has been developed and used by a group of active community. Everyone is more than welcomed to is a great way to make the project better and more accessible to more users.


Committers are people who have made substantial contribution to the project and granted write access to the project.

  • Tianqi Chen, University of Washington
    • Tianqi is a PhD working on large-scale machine learning, he is the creator of the project.
  • Tong He, Amazon AI
    • Tong is an applied scientist in Amazon AI, he is the maintainer of xgboost R package.
  • Vadim Khotilovich
    • Vadim contributes many improvements in R and core packages.
  • Bing Xu
    • Bing is the original creator of xgboost python package and currently the maintainer of XGBoost.jl.
  • Michael Benesty
    • Micheal is a lawyer, data scientist in France, he is the creator of xgboost interactive analysis module in R.
  • Yuan Tang
    • Yuan is a data scientist in Chicago, US. He contributed mostly in R and Python packages.
  • Nan Zhu
    • Nan is a software engineer in Microsoft. He contributed mostly in JVM packages.
  • Sergei Lebedev
    • Serget is a software engineer in Criteo. He contributed mostly in JVM packages.

Become a Committer

XGBoost is a opensource project and we are actively looking for new committers who are willing to help maintaining and lead the project. Committers comes from contributors who:

  • Made substantial contribution to the project.
  • Willing to spent time on maintaining and lead the project.

New committers will be proposed by current committer members, with support from more than two of current committers.

List of Contributors