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Latest commit aeb4e76 Jan 13, 2017 @hcho3 hcho3 committed with tqchen Histogram Optimized Tree Grower (#1940)
* Support histogram-based algorithm + multiple tree growing strategy

* Add a brand new updater to support histogram-based algorithm, which buckets
  continuous features into discrete bins to speed up training. To use it, set
  `tree_method = fast_hist` to configuration.
* Support multiple tree growing strategies. For now, two policies are supported:
  * `grow_policy=depthwise` (default):  favor splitting at nodes closest to the
    root, i.e. grow depth-wise.
  * `grow_policy=lossguide`: favor splitting at nodes with highest loss change
* Improve single-threaded performance
  * Unroll critical loops
  * Introduce specialized code for dense data (i.e. no missing values)
* Additional training parameters: `max_leaves`, `max_bin`, `grow_policy`, `verbose`

* Adding a small test for hist method

* Fix memory error in row_set.h

When std::vector is resized, a reference to one of its element may become
stale. Any such reference must be updated as well.

* Resolve cross-platform compilation issues

* Versions of g++ older than 4.8 lacks support for a few C++11 features, e.g.
  alignas(*) and new initializer syntax. To support g++ 4.6, use pre-C++11
  initializer and remove alignas(*).
* Versions of MSVC older than 2015 does not support alignas(*). To support
  MSVC 2012, remove alignas(*).
* For g++ 4.8 and newer, alignas(*) is enabled for performance benefits.
* Some old compilers (MSVC 2012, g++ 4.6) do not support template aliases
  (which uses `using` to declate type aliases). So always use `typedef`.

* Fix a host of CI issues

* Remove dependency for libz on osx
* Fix heading for hist_util
* Fix minor style issues
* Add missing #include
* Remove extraneous logging

* Enable tree_method=hist in R

* Renaming HistMaker to GHistBuilder to avoid confusion

* Fix R integration

* Respond to style comments

* Consistent tie-breaking for priority queue using timestamps

* Last-minute style fixes

* Fix issuecomment-271977647

The way we quantize data is broken. The agaricus data consists of all
categorical values. When NAs are converted into 0's,
`HistCutMatrix::Init` assign both 0's and 1's to the same single bin.

Why? gmat only the smallest value (0) and an upper bound (2), which is twice
the maximum value (1). Add the maximum value itself to gmat to fix the issue.

* Fix issuecomment-272266358

* Remove padding from cut values for the continuous case
* For categorical/ordinal values, use midpoints as bin boundaries to be safe

* Fix CI issue -- do not use xrange(*)

* Fix corner case in quantile sketch

Signed-off-by: Philip Cho <>

* Adding a test for an edge case in quantile sketcher

max_bin=2 used to cause an exception.

* Fix fast_hist test

The test used to require a strictly increasing Test AUC for all examples.
One of them exhibits a small blip in Test AUC before achieving a Test AUC
of 1. (See bottom.)

Solution: do not require monotonic increase for this particular example.

[0] train-auc:0.99989 test-auc:0.999497
[1] train-auc:1 test-auc:0.999749
[2] train-auc:1 test-auc:0.999749
[3] train-auc:1 test-auc:0.999749
[4] train-auc:1 test-auc:0.999749
[5] train-auc:1 test-auc:0.999497
[6] train-auc:1 test-auc:1
[7] train-auc:1 test-auc:1
[8] train-auc:1 test-auc:1
[9] train-auc:1 test-auc:1
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