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Latest commit 2b5b96d Jan 21, 2017 @khotilov khotilov committed with tqchen [R] various R code maintenance (#1964)
* [R] must work when handle in nil but raw exists

* [R] print.xgb.Booster should still print other info when handle is nil

* [R] rename internal function xgb.Booster to xgb.Booster.handle to make its intent clear

* [R] rename xgb.Booster.check to xgb.Booster.complete and make it visible; more docs

* [R] storing evaluation_log should depend only on watchlist, not on verbose

* [R] reduce the excessive chattiness of unit tests

* [R] only disable some tests in windows when it's not 64-bit

* [R] clean-up xgb.DMatrix

* [R] test xgb.DMatrix loading from libsvm text file

* [R] store feature_names in xgb.Booster, use them from utility functions

* [R] remove non-functional co-occurence computation from xgb.importance

* [R] verbose=0 is enough without a callback

* [R] added forgotten xgb.Booster.complete.Rd; cran check fixes

* [R] update installation instructions


The documentation of xgboost is generated with recommonmark and sphinx.

You can build it locally by typing "make html" in this folder.
- clone to root
- type make html

Checkout for guide on how to write markdown with extensions used in this doc, such as math formulas and table of content.