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The files jacorb.jar and idl.jar in this directory are a patched version of 
JacORB 2.3.1. The patched libraries identify themselves as 

        JacORB V 2.3.1 (JBoss patch01), www.jacorb.org

IMPORTANT:  This build does _not_ have the OTS classes,
       they have been removed to avoid conflicting with the jbossjts-jacorb.jar

Instructions for generating these files are included below.

Kudos to the JacORB team, for this great open-source ORB.

Special thanks to:

        Gerald Brose, for creating JacORB

        Andre Spiegel, for his work on OBV in JacORB



 *** How to generate the jacorb.jar and idl.jar files in this directory ***

(1) Obtain a JacORB 2.3.1 source tree, with the following command:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@www.jacorb.org/cvsroot/jacorb checkout -r RELEASE_2_3_1 JacORB

(2) Apply the following patches from this directory:

cd JacORB

Patch1:         jacorb-2.3.1-version.patch

# This patch resets the port of the primary address to zero when an
# IORInterceptor adds a TAG_CSI_SEC_MECH_LIST component with transport
# protection requirements (SSL), as it should be per the CSI v2 specification.
Patch7:         jacorb-2.3.0-primaddress_port.patch

# JBPAPP-1477 JacORB 2.3.0.jboss5 intermittently hangs during shutdown.
# Thread dump shows it waiting in RequestController.waitForShutdown(), 
# presumably beacause it believes there are outstanding requests still 
# in progress.
Patch9:         jacorb-2.3.0-CORBA_OBJECT_NOT_EXIST.patch

# This patch removes the OTS classes
Patch13:        jboss-2.3.1-remove_ots_classes.patch

# read_boolean() now only adjusts positions if the chunk_end_pos == pos,
# no longer calling handle_chunking(). The problem with handle_chunking()
# is that it aligns the current position and this can cause CDRInputStream
# to "skip" valid boolean values, as those are not padded.
Patch14:        jboss-2.3.1-read_boolean.patch

(3) Build with the following command:

ant -Ddebug=off all doc

(If you want a debug version use just 'ant all doc')