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DMN TCK Camunda runner

This is a Camunda runner implementation for the DMN TCK suite of tests, to automate the TCK DMN tests execution for the Camunda engine.

How to build and execute this runner

From this directory (dmn-tck-runner-camunda/) with Maven:

$ mvn clean install

Alternatively, from the parent project directory, with Maven:

$ mvn clean install -Pcamunda

For the full list of running options, please reference the general DMN TCK runners manual.

Details on the DMN TCK Camunda runner

This runner configuration is meant to run normally out-of-the-box.

This DMN TCK Camunda runner reference a published Camunda version as governed in this pom.xml.

The runner leverages the general DMN TCK jUnit runners architecture, to automate the execution of the TCK DMN tests on the referenced Camunda version of the Camunda engine.