A Stanford CoreNLP server, with example clients, using Apache Thrift.
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Apache Thrift Server for Stanford CoreNLP

This is a client/server setup of Stanford's CoreNLP which uses Apache Thrift.

To submit an issue, go here.

Things you can do with it:

  • Send over text/data in a variety of formats and receive:
    • Parse Trees from either the Lexicalized parser or the Shift-Reduce parser See README_parser.md
    • Named Entities See README_ner.md
    • Resolved Coreferences See README_coref.md
    • Stanford Tregex patterns evaluated over parse trees See README_tregex.md
    • Sentences tagged for Part-of-Speech See README_tagger.md
    • Tokenized (or even untokenized) text See README_tokenizer.md
  • Send unicode (optional), receive unicode (always).
  • Do these things in a multithreaded way without having to think about it too much (Thrift provides ten threads).
  • Communicate with the server using the language of your choice (with some additional coding if your choice isn't "Java" or "Python").

You can use the shell script scripts/start_server.sh to either start a server (bash) or how to start one (Windows). The server requires a configuration file, a sample one of which can be found in the scripts/ directory as well.

Please see the wiki for more specific information on how to communicate with the server, how to set up Thrift and Stanford CoreNLP, and how to modify this code.

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