The old Rhythmbox 2.96 style cover art plugin
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ArtDisplay is a plugin for Rhythmbox that displays album art for the current track.

This is simply a clone of the old artdisplay plugin from Rhythmbox <2.96. It was removed from newer Rhythmbox versions in favor of the small cover display in the song title bar, but it still works. You can get the old style back with this plugin.


Ubuntu & derivates: PPA

In Ubuntu based distribution, you can install this plugin via this PPA by fossfreedom.

Manual installation

Important: The 'master' branch only works with the new Ryhtmbox 3 and is incompatible with older Rhytmbox 2.xx versions. If you are still on Rythmbox 2.xx, head over to the 'RB2' branch.

1.) Press the 'Donwload ZIP' button and extract the .zip file.

2.) Copy the folder 'ArtDisplay' to '~/.local/share/Rhythmbox/plugins'.

3.) Activate the plugin in Rhythmbox.