Supplement the Facebook ios sdk with Blocks & NSOperation goodness
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This is a simple wrapper to the Facebook iOS Library, providing a block- (and NSOperation-) based interface to instead of delegates the official sdk uses. Specifically, it provides: - extensions to the Facebook class to request resources using blocks for completetion (instead of delegates) - the resource request is encapsulated in FBRequestOperation, an NSOperation subclass

If you're already using the official sdk it's very easy to switch to these classes; the Facebook wrapper adds methods similar to the ones you're already using.

Advantages of NSOperations allow your code to: - enqueue multiple requests, with dependencies - for example, get the list of photos in an album, then load all the photos, and when all are complete update the UI - dispatch requests in parallel (quicker), or serially (cellular-data friendly)


	FBRequestOperation *infoReq = [mFacebookApi requestWithGraphPath:@"me" andCompletionHandler:^(FBRequestOperation *request, id jsonResponse, NSError *err) {

			// response for "me":
			// {
			//			"first_name" = Your;
			//			gender = male;
			//			id = 99999999999;
			//			"last_name" = Name;
			//			name = "Your Name";
			//			username = yourname;
			//			verified = 1;
			//			...
			//	}
			// See for more
				NSString *userName = [jsonResponse objectForKey:@"name"];
	[[NSOperationQueue mainQueue] addOperation:infoReq];

TODO: - Block the FBRequestOperation from completion until the provided completion block is also finished - currently any dependent operations may begin exexuting in parallel with your completion block - this makes it difficult to pass resulting data from one operation to the next - Create the FBRequest earlier - currently the request is created only when the FBRequestOperation begins - this makes it difficult to inspect or modify the parameters of the request