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Some simple CSS for creating snowflakes as well as some JavaScript for quickly adding them to your website.
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CSS3 Snowflakes

This is a simple demo of CSS3-based snowflakes. It is based on the work of Estelle Weyl (@estellevw). These snowflakes are dynamically created on page load and several effects (e.g. opacity, size, speed) are randomly added to each snowflake. The code is available on GitHub.


A very simple demo of CSS3 snowflakes is currently available.

Browser Support

The demo should support Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.


If you decide you want to initialize the snowflakes in your <head> tag then you'll need to use a simple library to tell you when the DOM is ready like domReady. domReady is included and used in the distribution.

To Use

If you would like to use CSS3 Snowflakes on your own site (and who wouldn't?) simply include snowflakes.js and snowflakes.css in your project. Then modify the code below with the <div> that marks the overall container for your content as well as the <div> from which your snowflakes will fall:


and add it to your page to generate the snowflakes.

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