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DET-v0.9.5 (Sep. 2, 2012)
- FIX: the extended directories created by detector are now chmod'ed 775
- FIX: the search, nojs, nocookies check now occurs before all other checks to eliminate a redirect loop
- FIX: modernizr listing demo now points at the new modernizr file
- ADD: a confidence check mechanism so that UAs can be re-tested to see if detector's data is correct
DET-v0.9.0 (Aug. 24, 2012)
- FIX: updated Modernizr to 2.6.1
- FIX: trimmed down the config
- FIX: the test build page now waits for the onload event before building the cookie & redirecting. should address race conditions with a few tests.
- ADD: added per-session tests that existed in Modernizr feature-detects that I wanted for v1.0 of Detector (see for full list)
DET-v0.8.5 (Aug. 14, 2012)
- FIX: commmented out call to addToUAList() to increase performance
- ADD: now throwing profiles into directories based on the first two characters of the hash. performance tweak because IE 7+8 create profiles an amazing number of profiles
- ADD: mustache lib now allows smarter fallback via splitting family names on dashes (e.g. the mobile-advanced-retina family fallback can now be mobile-advanced-retina -> mobile-advanced -> mobile -> base) feature is off by default
- ADD: can now use family=clear-family to clear out a family value stored in session
DET-v0.8.2 (Aug. 6, 2012)
- FIX: cookie bug where an empty cookie was found causing the building of an empty profile
- FIX: updated the families.default.json to reflect the lessons learned on regarding device support
DET-v0.8.1 (Jul. 13, 2012)
- ADD: somehow i forgot to include the json lib for sub-5.2 compatibility
DET-v0.8.0 (Jun. 4, 2012)
- FIX: javascript mediaqueries argument in the demo
- ADD: "comment out" feature detection tests by adding an underscore to the beginning of their filename
- ADD: per session tests (e.g. tests that produce results unique to a client but only need to be run once per session)
- ADD: nojs attribute to the final ua variable so it can be used as a flag
- ADD: nocookies attribute to the final ua variable so it can be used as a flag
- ADD: the features.js.php link can be dynamically created if necessary
DET-v0.7.1 (May 30, 2012)
- FIX: can now skip Detector::build() when loading up the Detector library
- FIX: per-request javascript include doesn't need the request var hack
- FIX: better docs for some functions
- FIX: config variables are now defined via a foreach loop
- ADD: all configuration now happens in its own function
DET-v0.7.0 (May 29, 2012)
- FIX: family attribute creation occurs with every request
- FIX: no javascript support
- FIX: just a lot of DRYed up code
- FIX: modernizr-like helpers are now in their own lib file
- FIX: updated the default core json template to reflect all the appropriate variables
- FIX: updated the noscript link so that nojs redirects happen auto-magically
- FIX: trying to move library calls around to dampen the memory footprint of detector
- FIX: updated ua-parser-php to the latest & greatest
- ADD: no cookie support
- ADD: no javascript, no cookie, and search engine default family values
- ADD: switch "themes" based on browser families by overriding with request var
DET-v0.5.2 (May 7, 2012)
- FIX: added some sanity checks on user agent strings
- FIX: fixed two strict checks on object creation
- FIX: updated UAParser to the latest edition
DET-v0.5.1 (Feb. 27, 2012)
- ADD: can add tag soup a la modernizr to the <html> tag if you want
- ADD: can push detector values to a JavaScript file if you want
- FIX: most, if not all, PHP notices should be addressed
- FIX: removed ua-parser-php as a submodule & added the files directly. downloads should be fixed
- THX: thanks to james jeffery for the notes about the PHP notices
DET-v0.5 (Feb. 18, 2012)
- ADD: a configuration file for configuring standard paths and variables for Detector
- ADD: a debug flag
- ADD: support for versioning of core & extended profiles
- ADD: youtube demo that uses Detector
- ADD: RESS demo showing how Detector can be used with Mustache for templating
- ADD: a browser family classification system that classifies browsers by ua info & features
- ADD: a number of extra feature tests
- FIX: updated the browser detection library to use ua-parser-php
- FIX: reorganized detector's file system layout so it's a little cleaner
- FIX: updated modernizr to 2.5.2
DET-v0.2 (Jan. 18, 2012)
- ADD: handles browsers or spiders that don't support javascript
- ADD: objects created with Modernizr.addTest() can now be used (see per request screen attributes test)
- ADD: an experimental check to see if requests from iOS devices are coming from a UIWebview
- ADD: google analytics include file
- ADD: a user agent list for easy access to user agent strings & user agent hashes
- FIX: tweaked the look of the feature profiles so they look better
- FIX: per request, core, and extended tests now show on the "your browser" section of the feature profile
- FIX: made sure major version & minor version are being populated correctly
- FIX: attempted to update the media query tests. probably still flaky.
- FIX: attempted to get android tablets correctly identified. relies on the media query code so not sure it's completely working.
- FIX: updated the README to reflect the new changes
DET-v0.1 (Jan. 13, 2012)
- Initial release