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This tool should help higher ed institutions gauge interest/usage of foursquare on their campus. Simply provide a text file with a list of venues and the script will tell you total check-ins, top five venues, check-ins per venue, & total mayors.
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=== foursquare Venue Statistics ===
Generates some general statistics related to foursquare and the supplied venue IDs

Created by: dave olsen, university relations - web at west virginia university
v1 released on: october 28, 2010
v2 released on: may 24, 2011

To use:
  - go to & login with your foursquare username & password
  - register a new consumer (hit the big, green button). you DO NOT need to supply a valid URL or callback URL when doing so.
  - enter in the generated client id & client secret in the AUTHENTICATION CREDENTIALS SECTION of statistics.php
  - create a venues.txt file that contains a list of every venue ID you want to check
  - run this script from the console by typing: php statistics.php
  - check the reports directory for the file you just created

v1 features:
  - support for foursquare API v1
  - basic reporting for venues

v2 features:
  - support for foursquare API v2
  - required support for OAuth2
  - lists top five locations with tips
  - lists total tips per location
  - lists top five locations with photos
  - lists total photos per location
  - hopefully it's slightly easier to read
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