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@@ -30,10 +30,12 @@ There are three Rake tasks that allow you to use a converter on a file:
=== Examples
-rake active_import:csv user.csv CONVERTER=User CONVERTER_OPTIONS="give_admin_access=true"
+rake active_import:csv FILE=user.csv CONVERTER=User CONVERTER_OPTIONS="give_admin_access=true"
In this case the file in db/active_import/user.csv would be run through the converter UserConverter. The options specified are available within the converter. In this case @options["give_admin_access"] will evaluate to true.
+The FILE parameter is not strictly necessary in this case either as the default file name will be an underscored value of the name of the converter.
== Seeding
Seeding allows you to import several files through different model converters in a single command. It involves the creation of a .seed file. Each file goes on a single line and the options are separated by pipe symbols.

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