A super simple li3 plugin to further simplify rendering partial templates in views.
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A super simple Lithium plugin to further simplify rendering partial templates in views.


  1. Clone/Download the plugin into your app's libraries directory.
  2. Tell your app to load the plugin by adding the following to your app's config/bootstrap/libraries.php:



  1. Create your partial template(s):

    • You can name he template anything you like, just make sure you append it with _partial. For example, foo_partial.html.php.

    • By default, the helper will search for the template in your relevant view directory. For example, if it's being called from the bar/add view, it will expect the partial template to exist in views/bar.

    • If a matching template was not found in the view directory, the helper will then attempt to load it from the elements directory. This is particulary handy if this template is to be available for all views to use.

  2. Tell your view to render the partial template using the partial helper using the following:


    Where $variables is an array that represents variable name/value pairs that are to be made available to the partial template (e.g. created using compact()).


As usual, please feel free to fork the project, add your feature or fix a bug and submit a Pull request.