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Display your Code School courses and badges on your site
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Scorecard is a jQuery plugin that lets you show off your Code School's completed and/or in-progress courses as well as earned badges.


A demo page is available here.


  1. Clone/Download jquery-scorecard.min.js somewhere in your project.
  2. Include a recent version of jQuery and Scorecard in <head>:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-scorecard.min.js"></script>


Scorecard will append an unordered list inside the specified element for each of the three sections (completed courses, in-progress courses and badges). For example:

<div id="my-cs-badges">
  <h2>My Code School Bages</h2>
<script type="text/javascript">
    username: 'dmondark',
    sections: ['badges'],
    loading: {
      message: 'Loading Code School bages...'


A hash of options can be passed to scorecards as below:

  • username: Your Code School username (This is required)
  • sections: An 1-3 elements array of the sections to be rendered possible values are: 'completed', 'in-progress' and/or 'badges' (default: All)
  • newtab: Whether clicking on a course/badge will open the link in a new tab (default: false)
  • loading.message: The text displayed while the badges are being loaded (default "Loading...")
  • The ID assigned to the

    element that wraps the loading message (default "load-message")


Scorecard tries to be non-intrusive and will not add any classes or ids to the markup it is generating. Element hierarchy can instead be used to style any of the child elements if needs be. For the example above, to set an opacity of .5 to the badges on hover, a sample css selector would look something like:

#my-cs-badges > ul > li > a > img:hover{
  opacity: 0.5;


Many thanks to the good guys at Code School for the help with the API.

Also thanks to Mihail Szabolcs (@theicebreaker) for writing Proudify which was the main inspiration behind Scorecard.

This plugin was jump-started with Zeno Rocha's jquery-boilerplate


This is my very first CoffeeScript project as well as my first jQuery plugin, therefore there bound to be things that I'm doing wrong and/or obviously missing.

If you have an idea about a feature or a better and more obvious way to do something, please help by forking the repo, doing your magic and sending a pull request (using a feature branch would be superb). Thanks!


Copyright (c) 2012, Ali B. (

Scorecards is provided under the MIT license. For more information see LICENSE.

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