A part of library I used at www.lindalino.com, an amazing project about travelling.
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[Good ] Morning JS!


This library is based on Google Closure and was created by making of www.lindalino.com, an amazing project about travelling!

After the project was stopped and archived, we designed to publish this library.

##Getting around Similar to Google Closure library, this library is structure into modules. Wherever possible there were used the same naming conventions as in Google Closure Library.

See demos folder for practical examples of how to use the library.

Currently the library includes following namespaces:

app : Experimental application class for doing large scale application with incremental loading.

canvas : Drawing of SVG forms into canvas

controllers : Base Controllers class. See Application Structure section.

events : Deals with cross-device events (mouse, touch, ms-pointer).

forms : Contains form element classes, to construct web-forms on the fly.

models : Provides base classes for models, which are able to be used for data-binding.

net : WebSockets (socket.io), IFrame Navigator, Controlling loading of external APIs

parallax : Doing amazing parallax effects (used at 17grad.com).

routing : Used for Application Architecture.

social : Adapters for social APIs like (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

storage : Storing user settings in localStorage.

style : Extends goog.style for setting css transformations. Note: Google has integrated goog.style.transform, but it still doesn't support different unit types (%, px).

ui : Numerous UI Widgets.

validation : Validates user input data

##Application Structure Coming soon...