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Django-Directmessages is a low-level and easy-to-use Django App to manage simple directmessages. In contrast to other Django Apps for messaging, Django-Directmessages doesn't use any type of pre-built templates and is concentrated on the programmatic usage.

Django-Directmessage is thought to be used with APIs or small apps, but can be used for any type of messaging. It featues:

  • Sending of private 1-to-1 messages between users.
  • Listing unread messages for a given user.
  • Read a given message
  • Get all conversation partners/contacted users for a given user
  • Read a whole conversation between two users.


Django >= 1.5 is supported


  1. pip install django-directmessages
  2. add "directmessages" to INSTALLED_APPS and run python migrate.


Import the Message Management API on top of your

from directmessages.apps import Inbox
  • Send message: Inbox.send_message(from_user, to_user, message)
  • List all unread messages: Inbox.get_unread_messages(user)
  • Read a message (and mark as read): Inbox.read_message(message)
  • Print a message as <user>: <message>: Inbox.read_message_formatted(message)
  • Print a list of all conversation partners for a user: Inbox.get_conversations(users)
  • Get a conversation between two users: Inbox.get_conversation(user1, user2, _limit_, _reversed_, _mark_read_)
    • Limit (Int: optional): Instead of getting the whole conversation, get the first 50 (depends on reversed)
    • Reversed (Bool: optional): Usually the 'limit'-param gives back the first x messages, if you put Reversed to True, limit will give back the x latest messages.
    • Mark_Read (Bool: optional): Mark all messages in conversation as read


You can use the following signals to extend the app for your needs

  • message_sent:
    Gets called as soon as a message is sent. Provides the Message object, the sender and the recipient as params.
  • message_read:
    Gets called as soon as a message is read: Provides the Message object, the sender and the recipient as params.


Bug reports, patches and fixes are always welcome!

To Do

  • Add some security functions (e.g checking if user is allowed to read a message)
  • Add some custom exceptions (e.g. when no message was found)