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DjangoCMS Career

DjangoCMS Career is a plugin to easily showcase career and educational paths. The recommended use for this plugin is on a Portfolio- or a personal CV-Website. The plugin was initially created for - and first used by - my personal CV-Page.


This plugin requires django CMS 3.0.2+ or higher to be properly installed.

  • In yourpip projects virtualenv, run pip install djangocms-career.
  • Add djangocms_career to your INSTALLED_APPS (the order does not matter).
  • Run migrate djangocms_career.


DjangoCMS Career is a CMS- Plugin, which means, you can only use it in the frontend editing mode. In an available placeholder, just choose a Career Plugin Container and use the 'Plus'-Sign to add Positions to it.

This dropdown will usually open if you click on a placeholder in structure-mode.

After you've added a Career Plugin Container, you can add Positions.


To override the plugins template, add djangocms_career/position_object.html to your template path.

To customize the colors of the plugin, you have to override the CSS.

    background: YOURCOLOR;

.duration-circle {
    background: YOURCOLOR;

Run tests

You can run tests via test djangocms_career


This is a community project. We love to get any feedback in the form of issues and pull requests.