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Welcome to the roboblogger wiki!

This script takes one or more blog feeds and adds their posts to another blog. It iterates over all blogs to aggregate. For each blog, it parses the posts. For each post, if it hasn’t yet been aggregated, it is sent to the aggregator blog.


aggregateBlogs(feedList, aggBlog): Takes a list of blog feeds and an aggregator blog. Adds all unaggregated posts from the feeds in the list and adds them to the aggregator blog.

parseFeeds(feedList): Takes a list of feeds and returns them in parsed form.

getNewPosts(parsedFeedList): Takes a list of parsed feeds and and returns a list of posts not yet on the aggBlog.

isPosted(post): Takes a post and checks to see if it’s in the “old posts” database.

getContent(post): Takes a post and returns the content, plus a link to the original.

postToWordpress(postList, aggBlog): Takes a list of posts and the aggBlog and then adds the posts to the aggBlog. Writes the url of the post to a file (to record it as “old”).

updateDatabase(post, id): Adds the post url and its id to the database.