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Really, just the todo list that I've used as I've worked on each release.


  • Switch to yeoman-based build structure & system.
  • Hook up Google Analytics


  • change color to white when paused
  • find a timer icon
  • build fluidium
  • figure out how to generate packaged app from fluidium
  • checkin timer icon
  • write up hand-instructions for creating fluid app
  • rename focusTimer
  • fix up markdown on README page


  • hide pause/run button at 0:00, reset other times
  • theme buttons
  • trim down font sizes
  • "reset to X" after time expires leaves side button saying "pause" not "run"
  • get small window size working in fluidapp


  • figure out use environment
  • add formatting
  • add pause button
  • fix decrement bug
  • update when number typed in
  • debug multiple updates
  • handle expiration
  • protect against multiple starts (make pause/start a toggle?)
  • move this to markdown
  • check into github