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1.0.0 #18

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added some commits
@dmotz hardcoded 90 for collapse methods 9003cf1
@dmotz lastAnchor -> lastOp.anchor beb9fd0
@dmotz stageEl -> stageHolder 85fd83d
@dmotz return this from setTouch() for chaining 1c09b0e
@dmotz prep: functional preflight a4300f9
@dmotz removed method defaults 6f6a7f5
@dmotz removed normalizeArgs 50aaf2a
@dmotz pass anchor to transform() 33a2f4d
@dmotz return this from setTweening 476c45e
@dmotz stageHolder f7aa3cd
@dmotz _callback -> _setCallback 3717f73
@dmotz remove lastOp.negative 955cf68
@dmotz emptyQueue() e5b32a9
@dmotz remove _callback call 3842e5a
@dmotz don't check touchStarted in setCallback 93d1c04
@dmotz removed getMetric 9dc9685
@dmotz lastAnchor -> lastOp.anchor 6c9f03a
@dmotz simplified reset() f53f138
@dmotz simplified _conclude() bf9b444
@dmotz set initial lastOp via method call in constructor 65ad08f
@dmotz removed reset check a3ca1df
@dmotz fixed up unfreeze() 3a8de95
@dmotz chainable freeze/unfreeze c958ab9
@dmotz private stageReset method c35bbda
@dmotz call stageReset() in freeze() bcf7ad2
@dmotz fixed reapplying changed styles in destroy() ba6d323
@dmotz emptyQueue() on touch start 2830a43
@dmotz added wait() method for chained delays 68a3f3d
@dmotz fixed up touch methods cf8589a
@dmotz changed _setTweening() to public setSpeed(), moved _stageReset() 207abec
@dmotz constrainAngle method dcb67af
@dmotz attach plugin to $'s prototype to be more lib agnostic 3fb08ad
@dmotz parallel task runner for cake 6052d0b
@dmotz overhauled cakefile, added size task 9daae53
@dmotz oriDomiSupport -> isSupported e3493d9
@dmotz DRYer step() f68c9e5
@dmotz attach constructor to module.exports b74dbfd
@dmotz add reset flag to lastOp after stageReset 61bfcee
@dmotz better stage hiding/showing eb6eae9
@dmotz source typography d169822
@dmotz fixed _isIdenticalOperation c46817e
@dmotz separate setSpeed and setTweening methods f07d40a
@dmotz fall back to last angle when missing angle argument 8b2ecfe
@dmotz fixed step args for methods with less than 3 arguments 66240db
@dmotz avoid return loop results dffd5d1
@dmotz prevent touch start when folded up 131721a
@dmotz update component version 74dd728
@dmotz removed unnecessary display block setting b898787
@dmotz simplifying some syntax 543b701
@dmotz single check for `$`, removed `root` 46eb035
@dmotz announce decorator in cakefile e2c4ad9
@dmotz changed task arity afd89b1
@dmotz added demo build task 3c1546a
@dmotz wait for compile before minifying 8e623a8
@dmotz ellipsis in cake feedback fe97b7d
@dmotz cake tweaks f3ed083
@dmotz dropping -o- prefix since modern opera uses webkit and legacy opera i…
…sn't supported
@dmotz string chopping sugar 88573d1
@dmotz better nib inclusion in cakefile 5f267ab
@dmotz pipe watch output ece9ba7
@dmotz made transitionEnd detection more robust 6db2fcc
@dmotz updated docco styling de7be7b
@dmotz set $ to null in absence of dom lib 0afe737
@dmotz detect vendor prefix for box-sizing 6ef5d94
@dmotz border-box sizing on content holders cdfd448
@dmotz exact names in css map a80e3c1
@dmotz exact names in css map b922675
@dmotz transitionProp -> transitionProperty ab2f1d2
@dmotz element class map d2ced49
@dmotz update package info fbd6bce
@dmotz changed doc header styling 8426011
@dmotz added section for helper functions ce22a51
@dmotz moved helper functions 7aceb70
@dmotz string capitalize helper fed258a
@dmotz updated license year 85c2017
@dmotz createEl helper 2b14089
@dmotz addStyle function 742b73b
@dmotz getGradient helper a07f025
@dmotz hideEl and showEl helpers d4a2419
@dmotz global anchor lists 56fe5a4
@dmotz support selector strings as first argument 398db4e
@dmotz fixed showEl and hideEl af94ec2
@dmotz cloneEl helper function faac5a8
@dmotz shader css classes e5f5c77
@dmotz no need to reset modified styles 8a0d2e7
@dmotz global styling dfe831b
@dmotz terser prep() syntax 0516497
@dmotz moved prep 1edf175
@dmotz implementing anchor lists aede4f5
@dmotz implementing showEl and hideEl 32b824e
@dmotz cleanEl -> cloneEl aebe66b
@dmotz correct transform origins for bottom and right panels 82dffc4
@dmotz fixed re-instantiation call ea28014
@dmotz faster shorthand matching 4d83471
@dmotz scrapped extendObj 8aca470
@dmotz rewrote constructor 23bbc4f
@dmotz syntax tweaks ef9fa20
@dmotz stash axis name in touchStart 044c70b
@dmotz use baseName for $.data f3f55af
@dmotz fixed setSpeed() d0060dc
@dmotz defer() helper bcba427
@dmotz rewrote foldUp and unfold baf2b37
@dmotz added transitionDelay to vendor property detection list a755067
@dmotz hide backfaceVisibility on masks 5529e0d
@dmotz removed showOnStart option 9b8ab75
@dmotz underscore prefix @settings 795cf1f
@dmotz removed @_getPanelType bc86191
@dmotz don't destructure panel counts 81a16e4
@dmotz _ prefix @shading 491618a
@dmotz prefixing more private properties 4845f26
@dmotz use existential check on angle so 0 works as expected 638b2fc
@dmotz force unfold() when isFoldedUp c6d78b0
@dmotz set proper cursor when freezing and unfreezing 71ead1b
@dmotz iteration sensation 23a8e32
@dmotz broke apart setTweening, added delay setting, renamed to setTrans 8e5d6c7
@dmotz updated setSpeed c44d0ec
@dmotz detect preserve-3d support 47b03dd
@dmotz fixed _setPanelTrans 066aa0b
@dmotz exit bootstrap process early when browser lacks support to avoid unne…
…cessary work
@dmotz effect methods header e053e68
@dmotz renamed size task to stats d1312af
@dmotz call stats after build bfb3c6a
@dmotz use maxAngle setting in collapse and collapseAlt c45f958
@dmotz fixed setSpeed 0035b3a
@dmotz preserve external 3d transforms c7303aa
@dmotz don't remove padding on container 592d2d1
@dmotz removed devMode 1879ae5
@dmotz fixed clone styling dc44504
@dmotz fixed bleed issues d4b7a34
@dmotz added ripple mode 48aeb88
@dmotz ripple = 1 is forwards, 2 is reverse 178881b
@dmotz put a build on it febf1ab
@dmotz better jquery parity check 9ae8ee9
@dmotz exit early lacking jquery 851edf3
@dmotz cake startWatcher 97aad35
@dmotz changed package dependencies to devDependencies 163417f
@dmotz updated packages dependencies b653aec
@dmotz check if shading is enabled before appending shader elements 890d269
@dmotz alias shading: true as shading: 'hard' 1796908
@dmotz fixed up jquery bridge 698ec7f
@dmotz set last angle to zero after unfold 1625dcb
@dmotz package update 683edbe
@dmotz build demo styling in cake watch 212c025
@dmotz use local binary paths in cake tasks 1d4b47d
@dmotz fixed bridge bugs 08ca3cb
@dmotz prefix this.cloneEl 403c1d1
@dmotz preserve-3d on active class 3f02e70
@dmotz removed forceAntialiasing option 177e3e6
@dmotz expose constructor on exports, amd, or global e4744a5
@dmotz added package entry point 86f796e
@dmotz updated package description f1386a8
@dmotz added package bugs url abf592d
@dmotz boolean consistency aff1dad
@dmotz updated component.json 0fa3146
@dmotz bower.json 89a46d1
@dmotz compile demo coffee in cake watch 60294a3
@dmotz mark oridomi override styling as important d1087c5
@dmotz added modifyContent() method a771d61
@dmotz pass event and instance objects to external callbacks e4b3e8a
@dmotz cache shader var 9e42352
@dmotz metric styling overrides 4e84e05
@dmotz touch events/cursor change on root element d87d212
@dmotz pass touch event objects to callbacks 83a5300
@dmotz capitalize OriDomi e2d1afa
@dmotz doc updates e64f174
@dmotz removed xLast and yLast 0764fb3
@dmotz no need to return this from _stageReset ae2a0ca
@dmotz replaced _transform with _transformPanel 63059d6
@dmotz rewrite of site markup 00dd621
@dmotz map method 6404084
@dmotz doc updates f580aef
@dmotz call reset at end of constructor 3373f8a
@dmotz more doc updates 4b82fd1
@dmotz moving methods 442d8b8
@dmotz update build e138b2b
@dmotz source map b19cec9
@dmotz update doc build f77b3c4
@dmotz heading case 34bf131
@dmotz removed data-method from markup 8bdfda1
@dmotz added repo to component.json a09ce45
@dmotz 4.gif -> horse.gif 85413b8
@dmotz version 1.0.0 aefe3c9
@dmotz custom behavior docs 11ced2c
@dmotz added space suit demo 55c326f
@dmotz fixed link to annotated source a370702
@dmotz doc tweaks 93319f7
@dmotz new demo images bbb5b69
@dmotz you should know my steelo 0a8e81d
@dmotz doc site fonts 3793fc6
@dmotz Merge branch 'master' into q d37808a
@dmotz removed unneeded var 26dc82e
@dmotz moved definition of isSupported to fix scoping issue 5d3787c
@dmotz hide overflow on clone and content to prevent phantom margins 1bc11c3
@dmotz force block display on clone element a481e9c
@dmotz prevent double foldUp 642aa53
@dmotz prevent errant unfold call from eternally blocking queue c405284
@dmotz removed outdated doc line c51e71a
@dmotz larger translation hiding bounds 1bf7f65
@dmotz show panel back faces bc9dcd3
@dmotz added note about early unfold exit 9e0daaf
@dmotz _settings -> _config 0039c62
@dmotz syntax update e8ab98a
@dmotz font stack vars c1a5246
@dmotz gold var a4386d0
@dmotz fixed positioning bug in unfreeze c84c591
@dmotz added firefox note 246a052
@dmotz added forking note ced2c3a
@dmotz wrapped demo labels/buttons 96141e3
@dmotz small doc tweaks ce4491f
@dmotz added responsiveness note 00cb072
@dmotz ascii demo b784c79
@dmotz updated readme cd99aba
@dmotz new demo page script 66ccfac
@dmotz compile demo coffee in cake fbaa06d
@dmotz build update 2b4f575
@dmotz demo script source map 450c3b6
@dmotz removed oswald font load fce6ef9
@dmotz use minified lib on site 2c93945
@dmotz added docco resources 2741cc9
@dmotz removed width transition on logo 4b7e203
@dmotz labels stack on top c2dd120
@dmotz margins on demo wrappers f0e3790
@dmotz demo 6 styling 4fe96d3
@dmotz sup script tracking fix b069e65
@dmotz demo 6 hoverstate 6d9f2c7
@dmotz demo grid arrangement 4880e0d
@dmotz demo css build 1fe6d3b
@dmotz fixed demo label 0fdfda9
@dmotz doc site markup updates 15ba95e
@dmotz fixed setSpeed and setRipple not applying to all panels in all anchors a2a40e5
@dmotz changed demo 6 hover color ab01959
@dmotz demo ascii padding a2f8292
@dmotz update build 6233bb9
@dmotz gitignore update 3b000a5
@dmotz new favicon 42bea58
@dmotz updated favicon 02843c2
@dmotz analytics script 2f5c361
@dmotz removed old favicon 9db441b
@dmotz updated jquery manifest version 405ae4f
@dmotz consistent spacing in jquery json 7b8b617
@dmotz changed jquery bridge iteration c1c633b
@dmotz build update f922636
@dmotz updated jquery docs a84e62d
@dmotz updated annotated source link dfab0cb
@dmotz added link to DOM entry ade8754
@dmotz removed pointless jquery selector caching e47f1b9
@dmotz position stage holder absolutely 2d08c88
@dmotz fix for flaky mouse events 657c564
@dmotz update build cb514bb
@dmotz update source link 70a2477
@dmotz dmotz merged commit 4f298b9 into master
@dmotz dmotz deleted the q branch
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