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MIT license

This is an example using Travis CI for continuous integration and Istanbul/Coveralls for code coverage.

Getting Started

Install dependencies:

$ npm install

Run tests:

$ npm coveralls


  • Node v6.5.0
  • Mocha v3.0.2
  • Chai v3.5.0
  • Istanbul v0.4.5
  • Coveralls v2.11.12

Working with Webpack

Using the html-webpack-plugin

Install the dependency:

npm i --save-dev html-webpack-plugin

Require the plugin in your webpack.config.js:

var HtmlWebpackPlugin = require('html-webpack-plugin');

Add an entry to the plugins array where I instantiate the plugin with two properties:

  • template defines the template the plugin will use to generate the HTML
  • inject: body tells the plugin to inject Javascript into the bottom of the page, just before the closing <body> tag, instead of the <head> tag
plugins: [
  new HtmlWebpackPlugin({
    template: 'index.template.ejs',
    inject: 'body',

Working with Enzyme

Enzyme is a Javascript Testing Utility for React to make it easier to assert, manipulate, and traverse your React Component's output. It mimicks jQuery's API for DOM manipulation and traversal. Install the dependencies below for compatibility with React 0.14.x or React 15.x:

npm i --save-dev enzyme react-addons-test-utils
npm i --save react-dom



MIT © AJ Grande

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