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module GhcTrace_Config(
import Fibon.Run.Config
import qualified GhcHead_Config as GhcHead
config :: RunConfig
config = GhcHead.config {
configId = "ghc-trace"
, sizeList = [Train]
, tuneList = [Base, Peak]
, configBuilder = build
standardGHC :: FilePath
standardGHC = "/Research/git/ghc-trace/inplace/bin"
build :: ConfigBuilder
build ConfigTuneDefault ConfigBenchDefault = do
setTimeout $ Limit 0 60 0
-- Use ghc from standard location off of HOME otherwise
mbHome <- getEnv "HOME"
maybe (error "Unable to get HOME path")
(\h -> useGhcInPlaceDir (h ++ standardGHC))
-- Set ghc options
append ConfigureFlags "--ghc-option=-fllvm"
-- Setup stats collection
append ConfigureFlags "--ghc-option=-rtsopts"
collectExtraStatsFrom "ghc.stats"
append RunFlags "+RTS -tghc.stats --machine-readable -RTS"
-- Use Same settings for peak and base tunes
build (ConfigTune Base) b = build (ConfigTune Peak) b
build t b = (configBuilder GhcHead.config) t b
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