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+Fibon in a Flash
+ $ git clone git://
+ $ cd fibon
+ $ git submodule update --init benchmarks
+ $ cabal configure && cabal build
+ $ ./dist/build/fibon-run/fibon-run
+Fibon is a set of tools for running and analysing benchmarks in
+Haskell. Most importantly, it includes a set of default benchmarks
+taken from the [Hackage][1] open source repository.
+Fibon makes it easy to use either the fibon benchmarks or your own
+set of benchmarks. Benchmarks are stored in the
+`benchmarks/Fibon/Benchmarks` directory. This directory is setup as
+a [git submodule][2] which means you can easily grab the standard
+suite or use a suite kept under your own source control.
+Benchmark Groups
+Benchamarks named and organized into groups based on the filesystem
+organization. For example, a benchmark in the directory
+`benchmarks/Fibon/Benchmarks/Hackage/Agum` will have the name `Agum`
+an be in the benchmark group `Hackage`.
+The fibon package builds three tools
+ 1. `fibon-run` - runs the benchmarks
+ 2. `fibon-analyze` - analyzes the results of a run
+ 2. `fibon-init` - utilty used when adding new benchmarks
+Size and Tune
+Fibon benchmarks can be run with two different input sizes: `Test` and
+`Ref`. The `Test` size is useful to make sure that a benchmark can
+run successsfully, but will not give meaningful timings.
+Fibon benchmarks can be run under two different tune settings (e.g.
+compiler optimization settings). The `Base` and `Peak` settings can
+be configured anyway you want to make the desired comparison.
+Directory Structure
+Source directories
+ ./benchmarks -- benchmark code
+ ./config -- config files
+ ./lib -- common files used by several executables
+ ./tools -- source code for executables
+Working directories
+ ./log -- logging output from benchmark runs
+ ./run -- working directory for benchmark runs
+Getting the Benchmarks
+The benchmarks are kept in a separate repository as a [git
+submodule][2]. You can get the fibon benchmarks by updating the
+submodule from within your fibon working directory
+ $ git submodule update --init benchmarks
+This will checkout the benchmarks from the fibon-benchmarks
+repository and place them in your working copy.
+Running Benchmarks
+The available benchmarks and configurations are discovered when the
+fibon package is configured. Benchmarks are searched for in the
+`benchmarks/Fibon/Benchmarks` directory and configuration files are
+searched for in the `config` directory. If a configuration file or
+benchmark is added, you will need to re-run `cabal configure` to
+make them available to the fibon-run tool.
+Fibon comes with a default configuration. The default configuration
+will run all benchmarks with the `Base` setting of `-O0` and a
+`Peak` setting of `-O2` on the `Ref` size. A configuration file can
+be used to specify more complicated configurations.
+You can get some example configuration by doing
+ $ git submodule update --init config
+This will checkout a repository of config files. Note that currently
+these files contain some user and machine-specific configurations,
+but should be a useful starting point.
+You can also selectively run benchmarks, groups, sizes, and tune
+settings as described below.
+Benchamarks are run with the `fibon-run` tool. Running `fibon-run`
+with no arguments will use the default config file. An alternate
+config file can be specified with the `-c` flag. Also, you can give
+a list of benchmarks or groups to run on the command line. Use
+`--help` to see a full list of options.
+Running the benchmarks will produce some logging to standard out and
+create four output files in the `log` directory.
+ 1. `*.LOG` - the full log of the run
+ 1. `*.SUMMARY` - the mean runtimes of each benchmark
+ 1. `*.RESULTS` - the full results (passed to `fibon-analyse`)
+Analyzing Benchmark Results
+Benchmarks can be analyzed by the `fibon-analyse` tool.
+ $ fibon-analyse log/000.default.RESULTS
+Adding New Benchmarks
Benchmark Notes
Does not work with -O0. Gets "thread blocked indefinitely"
@@ -10,3 +129,5 @@ Ghc610
The Test size gives different result, but the Ref size is ok.
Think it is just some kind of floating point wibbles.

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