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Fibon in a Flash

$ git clone git://github.com/dmpots/fibon.git
$ cd fibon
$ git submodule update --init benchmarks
$ cabal configure && cabal build
$ ./dist/build/fibon-run/fibon-run


Fibon is a set of tools for running and analyzing benchmark programs in Haskell. Most importantly, it includes an optional set of new benchmarks including many programs taken from the Hackage open source repository.

Fibon is a pure Haskell framework for running and analyzing benchmarks. Cabal is used for building the benchmarks, and the benchmark harness, configuration files, and benchmark descriptions are all written in Haskell. The benchmark descriptions and run configurations are all statically compiled into the benchmark runner to ensure that configuration errors are found at compile time.

I gave a talk at the Haskell Implementors Workshop about the motivation for creating Fibon and some details about benchmark selection.