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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* (c) The GHC Team 2006
* Initialization and use of the PAPI performance monitoring library
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
#include <papi.h>
#define PAPI_CHECK(CALL) \
if((papi_error=(CALL)) != PAPI_OK) { \
debugBelch("PAPI function failed in module %s at line %d with error code %d\n", \
__FILE__,__LINE__,papi_error); \
/* Check the error value of a PAPI call, reporting an error, if needed */
extern int papi_error;
/* While PAPI reporting is going on this flag is on */
extern int papi_is_reporting;
/* Event sets and counter arrays for GC and mutator */
extern int MutatorEvents;
extern int GCEvents;
extern long_long MutatorCounters[];
extern long_long GCCounters[];
long_long papi_counter(long_long values[],int event);
void papi_report(long_long PapiCounters[]);
void papi_add_events(int EventSet);
void papi_init_eventsets(void);
void papi_start_mutator_count(void);
void papi_stop_mutator_count(void);
void papi_start_gc_count(void);
void papi_stop_gc_count(void);
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