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#! /bin/bash
# This script can be used to generate some unregisterised .hc files
# for bootstrapping GHC on a new/unsupported platform. It involves a
# two-stage bootstrap: the first stage builds an unregisterised set of
# libraries & RTS, and the second stage builds an unregisterised
# compiler.
# Take the .hc files from the libraries of stage 1, and the compiler
# of stage 2, to the target system and bootstrap from these to get a
# working (unregisterised) compiler.
set -e
# set this to the location of your source tree
if [ ! -f b1-stamp ]; then
mkdir b1
cd b1
lndir $fptools_dir
cd ..
cd b1
# For cross-compilation, at this stage you may want to set up a source
# tree on the target machine, run the configure script there, and bring
# the resulting mk/config.h file back into this tree before building
# the libraries.
touch mk/
echo "GhcUnregisterised = YES" >> mk/
echo "GhcLibHcOpts = -O -H32m -fvia-C -keep-hc-files" >> mk/
echo "GhcLibWays =" >> mk/
echo "SplitObjs = NO" >> mk/
# We could optimise slightly by not building hslibs here. Also, building
# the RTS is not necessary (and might not be desirable if we're using
# a config.h from the target system).
make stage1
cd ..
touch b1-stamp
# exit 0
if [ ! -f b2-stamp ]; then
mkdir b2
cd b2
lndir $fptools_dir
cd ..
cd b2
./configure --with-ghc=$base/b1/ghc/compiler/stage1/ghc-inplace
touch mk/
# The bootstrapped compiler should probably generate unregisterised
# code too. If you don't want it to, then comment out this line:
echo "GhcUnregisterised = YES" >> mk/
echo "SRC_HC_OPTS += -keep-hc-file -fvia-C" >> mk/
echo "GhcWithNativeCodeGen = NO" >> mk/
echo "GhcWithInterpreter = NO" >> mk/
# we just need to build the compiler and utils...
(cd glafp-utils && make boot && make)
(cd ghc && make boot)
(cd ghc/utils && make)
(cd ghc/compiler && make stage=1)
cd ..
touch b2-stamp
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