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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* (c) The GHC Team 2005
* Machine-independent interface to time measurement
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
#ifndef GETTIME_H
#define GETTIME_H
#include "BeginPrivate.h"
// We'll use a fixed resolution of usec for now. The machine
// dependent implementation may have a different resolution, but we'll
// normalise to this for the machine independent interface.
#define TICKS_PER_SECOND 1000000
typedef StgInt64 Ticks;
Ticks getProcessCPUTime (void);
Ticks getThreadCPUTime (void);
Ticks getProcessElapsedTime (void);
void getProcessTimes (Ticks *user, Ticks *elapsed);
// Not strictly timing, but related
nat getPageFaults (void);
#include "EndPrivate.h"
#endif /* GETTIME_H */
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