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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* (c) The GHC Team, 2008-2009
* Support for fast binary event logging.
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
#ifndef EVENTLOG_H
#define EVENTLOG_H
#include "rts/EventLogFormat.h"
#include "Capability.h"
#include "BeginPrivate.h"
#ifdef TRACING
* Descriptions of EventTags for events.
extern char *EventTagDesc[];
void initEventLogging(void);
void endEventLogging(void);
void freeEventLogging(void);
void abortEventLogging(void); // #4512 - after fork child needs to abort
void flushEventLog(void); // event log inherited from parent
* Post a scheduler event to the capability's event buffer (an event
* that has an associated thread).
void postSchedEvent(Capability *cap, EventTypeNum tag,
StgThreadID id, StgWord info1, StgWord info2);
* Post a nullary event.
void postEvent(Capability *cap, EventTypeNum tag);
void postMsg(char *msg, va_list ap);
void postUserMsg(Capability *cap, char *msg, va_list ap);
void postCapMsg(Capability *cap, char *msg, va_list ap);
void postEventStartup(EventCapNo n_caps);
* Post a capability set modification event
void postCapsetModifyEvent (EventTypeNum tag,
EventCapsetID capset,
StgWord32 other);
* Post a capability set event with a string payload
void postCapsetStrEvent (EventTypeNum tag,
EventCapsetID capset,
char *msg);
* Post a capability set event with several strings payload
void postCapsetVecEvent (EventTypeNum tag,
EventCapsetID capset,
int argc,
char *msg[]);
* Post a `par` spark event
void postSparkEvent(Capability *cap, EventTypeNum tag, StgWord info1);
* Post an event with several counters relating to `par` sparks.
void postSparkCountersEvent (Capability *cap,
SparkCounters counters,
StgWord remaining);
#else /* !TRACING */
INLINE_HEADER void postSchedEvent (Capability *cap STG_UNUSED,
EventTypeNum tag STG_UNUSED,
StgThreadID id STG_UNUSED,
StgWord info1 STG_UNUSED,
StgWord info2 STG_UNUSED)
{ /* nothing */ }
INLINE_HEADER void postEvent (Capability *cap STG_UNUSED,
EventTypeNum tag STG_UNUSED)
{ /* nothing */ }
INLINE_HEADER void postMsg (char *msg STG_UNUSED,
va_list ap STG_UNUSED)
{ /* nothing */ }
INLINE_HEADER void postCapMsg (Capability *cap STG_UNUSED,
char *msg STG_UNUSED,
va_list ap STG_UNUSED)
{ /* nothing */ }
#include "EndPrivate.h"
#endif /* TRACING_H */
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