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Time-stamp: <Mon Oct 04 1999 14:50:28 Stardate: [-30]3692.88 hwloidl>
Definitions for parallel machines.
This section contains definitions applicable only to programs compiled
to run on a parallel machine, i.e. on GUM. Some of these definitions
are also used when simulating parallel execution, i.e. on GranSim.
ToDo: Check the PAR specfic part of this file
Move stuff into Closures.h and ClosureMacros.h
Clean-up GRAN specific code
-- HWL
#ifndef PARALLEL_H
#define PARALLEL_H
#if defined(PAR) || defined(GRAN) /* whole file */
#include "Rts.h"
#include "GranSim.h"
//#include "ClosureTypes.h"
//* Basic definitions::
//* Externs and types::
//* Dummy defs::
//* Par specific fixed headers::
//* Parallel only heap objects::
//* Packing definitions::
//* End of File::
//@end menu
//@node Basic definitions, Externs and types
//@section Basic definitions
/* SET_PAR_HDR and SET_STATIC_PAR_HDR now live in ClosureMacros.h */
/* Needed for dumping routines */
#if defined(PAR)
# define TIME StgWord64
# define CURRENT_TIME msTime()
# define TIME_ON_PROC(p) msTime()
# define CURRENT_PROC thisPE
# define BINARY_STATS RtsFlags.ParFlags.granSimStats_Binary
#elif defined(GRAN)
# define TIME rtsTime
# define CURRENT_TIME CurrentTime[CurrentProc]
# define TIME_ON_PROC(p) CurrentTime[p]
# define CURRENT_PROC CurrentProc
# define BINARY_STATS RtsFlags.GranFlags.granSimStats_Binary
#if defined(PAR)
# define MAX_PES 256 /* Maximum number of processors */
/* MAX_PES is enforced by SysMan, which does not
allow more than this many "processors".
This is important because PackGA []
**assumes** that a PE# can fit in 8+ bits.
//@node Externs and types, Dummy defs, Basic definitions
//@section Externs and types
#if defined(PAR)
/* GUM: one spark queue on each PE, and each PE sees only its own spark queue */
extern rtsSparkQ pending_sparks_hd;
extern rtsSparkQ pending_sparks_tl;
#elif defined(GRAN)
/* GranSim: a globally visible array of spark queues */
extern rtsSparkQ pending_sparks_hds[];
extern rtsSparkQ pending_sparks_tls[];
extern unsigned int /* nat */ spark_queue_len(PEs proc);
extern StgInt SparksAvail; /* How many sparks are available */
/* prototypes of spark routines */
/* ToDo: check whether all have to be visible -- HWL */
#if defined(GRAN)
rtsSpark *newSpark(StgClosure *node, StgInt name, StgInt gran_info, StgInt size_info, StgInt par_info, StgInt local);
void disposeSpark(rtsSpark *spark);
void disposeSparkQ(rtsSparkQ spark);
void add_to_spark_queue(rtsSpark *spark);
void delete_from_spark_queue (rtsSpark *spark);
/* Where to write the log file */
//extern FILE *gr_file;
extern char gr_filename[STATS_FILENAME_MAXLEN];
#if defined(GRAN)
int init_gr_simulation(char *rts_argv[], int rts_argc, char *prog_argv[], int prog_argc);
void end_gr_simulation(void);
#if defined(PAR)
extern I_ do_sp_profile;
extern P_ PendingFetches;
extern rtsBool IAmMainThread, GlobalStopPending;
extern rtsBool fishing;
extern GLOBAL_TASK_ID SysManTask;
extern int seed; /*pseudo-random-number generator seed:*/
/*Initialised in ParInit*/
extern I_ threadId; /*Number of Threads that have existed on a PE*/
extern GLOBAL_TASK_ID mytid;
extern int nPEs;
extern rtsBool InGlobalGC; /* Are we in the midst of performing global GC */
extern HashTable *pGAtoGALAtable;
extern HashTable *LAtoGALAtable;
extern GALA *freeIndirections;
extern GALA *liveIndirections;
extern GALA *freeGALAList;
extern GALA *liveRemoteGAs;
extern int thisPE;
void RunParallelSystem (StgPtr program_closure);
void initParallelSystem();
void SynchroniseSystem();
void registerTask (GLOBAL_TASK_ID gtid);
globalAddr *LAGAlookup (P_ addr);
P_ GALAlookup (globalAddr *ga);
globalAddr *MakeGlobal (P_ addr, rtsBool preferred);
globalAddr *setRemoteGA (P_ addr, globalAddr *ga, rtsBool preferred);
void splitWeight (globalAddr *to, globalAddr *from);
globalAddr *addWeight (globalAddr *ga);
void initGAtables();
W_ taskIDtoPE (GLOBAL_TASK_ID gtid);
void RebuildLAGAtable();
void *lookupHashTable (HashTable *table, StgWord key);
void insertHashTable (HashTable *table, StgWord key, void *data);
void freeHashTable (HashTable *table, void (*freeDataFun) ((void *data)));
HashTable *allocHashTable();
void *removeHashTable (HashTable *table, StgWord key, void *data);
#endif /* PAR */
/* Interface for dumping routines (i.e. writing to log file) */
void DumpGranEvent(GranEventType name, StgTSO *tso);
void DumpRawGranEvent(PEs proc, PEs p, GranEventType name,
StgTSO *tso, StgClosure *node, StgInt sparkname, StgInt len);
//void DumpEndEvent(PEs proc, StgTSO *tso, rtsBool mandatory_thread);
//@node Dummy defs, Par specific fixed headers, Externs and types
//@section Dummy defs
Get this out of the way. These are all null definitions.
//# define GA_HDR_SIZE 0
//# define GA(closure) /*nothing */
//# define SET_GA(closure,ga) /* nothing */
//# define SET_STATIC_GA(closure) /* nothing */
//# define SET_GRAN_HDR(closure,pe) /* nothing */
//# define SET_STATIC_PROCS(closure) /* nothing */
//# define SET_TASK_ACTIVITY(act) /* nothing */
#if defined(GRAN)
# define GA_HDR_SIZE 1
# define PROCS_HDR_SIZE 1
/* Accessing components of the field */
# define PROCS(closure) ((closure)->header.gran.procs)
/* SET_PROCS is now SET_GRAN_HEADER in ClosureMacros.h. */
//@node Par specific fixed headers, Parallel only heap objects, Dummy defs
//@section Par specific fixed headers
Definitions relating to the entire parallel-only fixed-header field.
On GUM, the global addresses for each local closure are stored in a separate
hash table, rather then with the closure in the heap. We call @getGA@ to
look up the global address associated with a local closure (0 is returned
for local closures that have no global address), and @setGA@ to store a new
global address for a local closure which did not previously have one.
#if defined(PAR)
# define GA_HDR_SIZE 0
# define GA(closure) getGA(closure)
# define SET_GA(closure, ga) setGA(closure,ga)
# define SET_STATIC_GA(closure)
# define SET_GRAN_HDR(closure,pe)
# define SET_STATIC_PROCS(closure)
# define MAX_GA_WEIGHT 0 /* Treat as 2^n */
W_ PackGA ((W_, int));
/* There was a PACK_GA macro here; but we turned it into the PackGA
routine [] (because it needs to do quite a bit of
paranoia checking. Phil & Will (95/08)
/* At the moment, there is no activity profiling for GUM. This may change. */
# define SET_TASK_ACTIVITY(act) /* nothing */
//@node Parallel only heap objects, Packing definitions, Par specific fixed headers
//@section Parallel only heap objects
// NB: The following definitons are BOTH for GUM and GrAnSim -- HWL
/* All in Closures.h and CLosureMacros.h */
//@node Packing definitions, End of File, Parallel only heap objects
//@section Packing definitions
//* GUM::
//* GranSim::
//@end menu
//@node GUM, GranSim, Packing definitions, Packing definitions
//@subsection GUM
#if defined(PAR)
Symbolic constants for the packing code.
This constant defines how many words of data we can pack into a single
packet in the parallel (GUM) system.
//* Externs::
//* Prototypes::
//* Macros::
//@end menu
//@node Externs, Prototypes, GUM, GUM
//@subsubsection Externs
extern W_ *PackBuffer; /* size: can be set via option */
extern long *buffer; /* HWL_ */
extern W_ *freeBuffer; /* HWL_ */
extern W_ *packBuffer; /* HWL_ */
extern void InitPackBuffer(STG_NO_ARGS);
extern void InitMoreBuffers(STG_NO_ARGS);
extern void InitPendingGABuffer(W_ size);
extern void AllocClosureQueue(W_ size);
//@node Prototypes, Macros, Externs, GUM
//@subsubsection Prototypes
void InitPackBuffer();
P_ PackTSO (P_ tso, W_ *size);
P_ PackStkO (P_ stko, W_ *size);
P_ AllocateHeap (W_ size); /* Doesn't belong */
void InitClosureQueue ();
P_ DeQueueClosure();
void QueueClosure (P_ closure);
rtsBool QueueEmpty();
void PrintPacket (P_ buffer);
P_ get_closure_info (P_ closure, W_ *size, W_ *ptrs, W_ *nonptrs, W_ *vhs, char *type);
rtsBool isOffset (globalAddr *ga),
isFixed (globalAddr *ga);
void doGlobalGC();
P_ PackNearbyGraph (P_ closure,W_ *size);
P_ UnpackGraph (W_ *buffer, globalAddr **gamap, W_ *nGAs);
//@node Macros, , Prototypes, GUM
//@subsubsection Macros
((RtsFlags.ParFlags.packBufferSize - PACK_HDR_SIZE) / (PACK_GA_SIZE + _FHS) * (SPEC_HS + 2))
# define MAX_GAS (RtsFlags.ParFlags.packBufferSize / PACK_GA_SIZE)
# define PACK_GA_SIZE 3 /* Size of a packed GA in words */
/* Size of a packed fetch-me in words */
# define PACK_HDR_SIZE 1 /* Words of header in a packet */
# define PACK_PLC_SIZE 2 /* Size of a packed PLC in words */
#endif /* PAR */
//@node GranSim, , GUM, Packing definitions
//@subsection GranSim
#if defined(GRAN)
/* ToDo: Check which of the PAR routines are needed in GranSim -- HWL */
//* Types::
//* Prototypes::
//* Macros::
//@end menu
//@node Types, Prototypes, GranSim, GranSim
//@subsubsection Types
typedef struct rtsPackBuffer_ {
StgInt /* nat */ size;
StgInt /* nat */ unpacked_size;
StgTSO *tso;
StgClosure **buffer;
} rtsPackBuffer;
//@node Prototypes, Macros, Types, GranSim
//@subsubsection Prototypes
/* main packing functions */
rtsPackBuffer *PackNearbyGraph(StgClosure* closure, StgTSO* tso, nat *packbuffersize);
rtsPackBuffer *PackOneNode(StgClosure* closure, StgTSO* tso, nat *packbuffersize);
void PrintPacket(rtsPackBuffer *buffer);
StgClosure *UnpackGraph(rtsPackBuffer* buffer);
/* important auxiliary functions */
//StgInfoTable *get_closure_info(StgClosure* node, nat *size, nat *ptrs, nat *nonptrs, nat *vhs, char *info_hdr_ty);
int IS_BLACK_HOLE(StgClosure* node);
StgClosure *IS_INDIRECTION(StgClosure* node);
int IS_THUNK(StgClosure* closure);
char *display_info_type(StgClosure* closure, char *str);
void InitPackBuffer(void);
P_ AllocateHeap (W_ size);
P_ PackNearbyGraph (P_ closure, P_ tso, W_ *packbuffersize);
P_ PackOneNode (P_ closure, P_ tso, W_ *packbuffersize);
P_ UnpackGraph (P_ buffer);
void InitClosureQueue (void);
P_ DeQueueClosure(void);
void QueueClosure (P_ closure);
// rtsBool QueueEmpty();
void PrintPacket (P_ buffer);
// StgInfoTable *get_closure_info(StgClosure* node, unsigned int /* nat */ *size, unsigned int /* nat */ *ptrs, unsigned int /* nat */ *nonptrs, unsigned int /* nat */ *vhs, char *info_hdr_ty);
// int /* rtsBool */ IS_BLACK_HOLE(StgClosure* node) ;
//@node Macros, , Prototypes, GranSim
//@subsubsection Macros
/* These are needed in the packing code to get the size of the packet
right. The closures itself are never built in GrAnSim. */
# define FETCHME_CLOSURE_SIZE(closure) IND_CLOSURE_SIZE(closure)
# define FETCHME_CLOSURE_NoPTRS(closure) 0L
# define MAX_GAS (RtsFlags.GranFlags.packBufferSize / PACK_GA_SIZE)
# define PACK_GA_SIZE 3 /* Size of a packed GA in words */
/* Size of a packed fetch-me in words */
# define PACK_HDR_SIZE 4 /* Words of header in a packet */
(RtsFlags.GranFlags.packBufferSize * sizeofW(StgClosure*) + \
2 * sizeofW(StgInt) + sizeofW(StgTSO*))
# define PACK_FLAG_LOCN 0
# define PACK_TSO_LOCN 1
# define PACK_SIZE_LOCN 3
# define MAGIC_PACK_FLAG 0xfabc
#endif /* GRAN */
//@node End of File, , Packing definitions
//@section End of File
#endif /* defined(PAR) || defined(GRAN) whole file */
#endif /* Parallel_H */
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