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Repository for the C++ version of DichroCalc.
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Repository for the C++ version of DichroCalc.

DichroCalc C++ Version 1.0

Dependencies: C++ compiler (to compile the DichroCalc .cpp source code). Linux OS or Mac OS (for the third-party library NewMat). Perl (to execute the DichroCalc perl scripts).

Description of DichroCalc files and directories present in git repo.

chromophores.dat a list of parameter sets. The file can be placed in ~/bin and is required by, e.g., the perl script "./scripts/dcinput".

dichrocalc/ a directory containing sub-directories and files: dichrocalc/include/ DichroCalc header files; dichrocalc/lib/ third-party header files and libraries (NewMat); dichrocalc/makefile the makefile; dichrocalc/obj/ empty; dichrocalc/src/ DichroCalc .cpp source code files.

documentation/ the DichroCalc documentation.

LICENSE the GNU General Public License v3.0.

params/ a directory containing the parameter sets. The directory can be placed in ~/bin.

perllib/ a directory containing libraries required for the perl scripts (in ./scripts/).

REFERENCES a file listing the references you should cite if you present any data in a publication.

scripts/ a directory containing various perl scripts.

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