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CSP deployed on Cloudfront Lambda@Edge
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CSP for AWS Cloudfront Lambda@Edge


  1. In AWS, set up a static site hosted in an S3 bucket.
  2. Set the permissions on the S3 bucket to include a public access policy and Cloudfront Object Access Identity.
  3. Set up Cloudfront to serve the content in the S3 bucket.


  1. Goto Lambda and make sure you're in US-East-1
  2. Create a new function, make it Node.js.6.10
  3. Dump in your CSP.js, configured to do what you want. Note: start small and build your policy gradually.
  4. Save your code.
  5. Publish your code and make a note of the ARN (including version number).
  6. Select Cloudfront as a trigger, select Origin-Response and select the distribution that you're going to use.
  7. Save.
  8. Goto Cloudfront, select your distribution and edit behaviours.
  9. Scroll to the bottom and add a new Lambda Function Association.
  10. Paste in the ARN from Lambda and select Origin-Response.
  11. Hit save and wait for the distribution to redeploy.
  12. Goto Mozilla Observatory [] and test your policy.

Test site via Cloudfront (whilst waiting for pesky HPKP to invalidate):

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