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Support for mixed mode applications.
On a 64-bit machine, DMTCP can be used to checkpoint a
computation consisting of both 64-bit and 32-bit applications.
The DMTCP binaries (dmtcp_launch, dmtcp_coordinator, dmtcp_restart, etc.) are
compiled and built only for the 64-bit architecture. These binaries can launch
processes for 32-bit applications as well. An exception is mtcp_restart, which
must be compiled and build for each supported architecture.
The libraries (,, etc.) are built separately for all
supported architectures.
The installation goes as follows:
<prefix>/bin: binaries for primary architecture
<prefix>/lib/dmtcp: libraries for primary architecture
<prefix>/lib/dmtcp/32/bin: mtcp_restart binary for given secondary arch.
<prefix>/lib/dmtcp/32/lib/dmtcp: libraries for given secondary arch.
Rest of the data files (headers, docs, manpages, etc) go to their usual
A. Compiling DMTCP for multi-arch support:
1. Do the 32-bit compilation (with -m32)
./configure --enable-m32
make clean
2. Do the usual 64-bit compilation
make clean
Optionally, add 'make install' at the end of each of the above stages,
if you want to install a multi-arch implementation.
Use "./configure --prefix=$PWD/build" if you wish to build a local copy,
instead of installing globally.
Note that "--enable-m32" will not create the necessary DMTCP commands
on a 64-bit Linux. So, _on a 64-bit Linux_, you will still need the
64-bit install, even if you intend only to run with 32-bit targets.
B. IMPLEMENTATION NOTE: Handling dlsym offset:
DMTCP relies on dlsym offset (calculated as the relative offset of dlsym from
dlinfo in for calling the libdl:dlsym() function. This is to allow
the plugins to put wrappers around dlsym() function itself.
As can be seen, the dlsym offset may be different for 32-bit and 64-bit
versions of To handle this, we calculate the offset for both
architectures beforehand (while executing in dmtcp_launch and dmtcp_restart)
and set the environment variables DMTCP_DLSYM_OFFSET (and
DMTCP_DLSYM_OFFSET_M32). These offsets are also stored in SharedData area (see
While exec'ing a new program, the process cannot rely on the current value
of the env vars as the values might be outdated. Thus, in prepareForExec(), the
env vars are updated from the current values in SharedData.