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When using DMTCP, you will need two submit scripts:  one for
launching under checkpoint control, and one for restarting
from a crashed job.

For example, for SLURM, you would modify slurm_launch.job to change
"<your_binary>" in the line for dmtcp_launch.  The default script
does not automatically checkpoint.  Search on "dmtcp_command" for
instructions on how to use it to manually request a checkpoint.
Do "dmtcp_command -h" to see the options for "dmtcp_command".
Alternatively, search on "start_coordinator" in slurm_launch.job,
and add "-i 3600" to create a checkpoint every 3600 seconds (every hour).
"dmtcp_coordinator -h" and "dmtcp_launch -h" also exist.
When ready, execute the SLURM command:
  sbatch slurm_launch.job

Upon checkpointing, a script, dmtcp_restart_script.sh, will be saved
in the local directory, along with the checkpoint image files.

When restarting, slurm_rstr.job assumes that the script
dmtcp_restart_script.sh is in the local directory.
The default for the restart script is for manually requested
checkpointing.  See the above instructions and "dmtcp_restart -h"
for setting checkpoints at regular time intervals.  Modify
slurm_rstr.job if automatic checkpointing is desired.
Finally, it suffices to run:
  sbatch slurm_rstr.job