SCSS utilities for starting any new project
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- Removed tooltips method because it is now in its own repository (scss-tooltips)
- updated sizes for responsive media
- removed animation mixin (not necessary because browser support has improved and we can just use autoprefixer now)
- improved resize sprite not to need compass


UtilityBelt is a set of SCSS mixins and silent classes for starting any new project.

Documentation and examples

What does it contain?

  1. Triangle
  2. Currency
  3. Clear Fix
  4. RespondTo
  5. Ghost Vertical Align
  6. Truncate Text
  7. Alerted
  8. Resize Sprite
  9. Resize Sprite Set (for all images in a sprite)
  10. Justify
  11. Placeholder Color


Download and add the utility-belt.scss file to your scss directory

Or install with Bower

bower install UtilityBelt


Brought to you by @hackingui

Want to contribute?

This is just the beginning. There are a ton of great utilities out there, feel free to fork and create pull requests.