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Version: 0.2
Author: Dimitrios Meggidis
Repository: [dmtrs/etbar](


A simple class to start with yii framework extensions. This extension
will render a pastebin submit form to your view.


First of all, you must register to [](
to get a developer key.


Add extension to the config file (config/main.php):


In controller add: 

    public function actions()
		return array(
In view add:

Minimal options:


    $this->widget('EPastebin', array(
        "loginKey"=>"Your developer key from"));

All available options:


    $this->widget('EPastebin', array(
        "loginKey"=>"Your developer key from",       
        // The view that contains the form under extension/EPastebin/views/
            "format"=>"php", //Default for format selection check options.php
            "expire"=>"10M"  //Default for expire seltion check options.php


- better messages to be returned
- create hide button on flash message
- css of flash message to overlay the other divs.
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