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Web page toolbar widget for yii framework
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ETbar a web toolbar widget for yiiframework
Author: Dimitrios Mengidis
Version: 0.3 Beta

####Testing browsers

- Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13
- Opera 11.00. Build 1176 for Linux.


1. Extract zip file under the protected/extensions.

2. Add import of extension to your config file ( protected/config/main.pph ) like:



1. init widget in the view file:

    $this->beginWidget('ETbar', array(
            'Tab Tittle'=>'String', //Static contented that will be echoed in tab1
            'CListView'=>array(     //A CListView in tab2
                'dataProvider'=>$dataprovider, //CDataProvider

At the current version and the above example clisview will try to look for a view under:
This will be changed in next versions, and it will look in the views/modename/my_view.php

[Repositorie]( or contact.
[Contact me](

- version next:
    - Be able to set css and js values from widget constructor. Related attributes like:
        - height of bar.
        - color/transaprency of bar
    - The clisview and other widget to look for views under protected/view depend the model
    - support CGridView, CAciveForm, CDetailView
    - add init( ... "options"=>array("theme"=>"selectable theme"))

- version 0.3 beta
    - jquery tabs, themes added
    - added resize button 
    - resizable/dragable functionality added
    - worked on basic init of object
    - support of jquery ui themes
- version 0.2:
    - Support clistview of a model

- version 0.1:
  - Working widget.
  - Css file for basic properties.
  - Js file for on document ready toggle.
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