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Yii framework extension to support jQuery Tooltip.

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- Version: 0.1
- Author:  [Dimitrios Mengidis](
- jQuery:  [Tooltip]( 


Extract the zip file under the extension folder and should look like.


In your view file add your images
<div id="demo">
    <img src=""
         title="A must have tool for designing better layouts and more intuitive user-interfaces."/>
    <img src=""
         title="Tooltips can be positioned anywhere relative to the trigger element."/>
    <img src=""
         title="Tooltips can contain any HTML such as links, images, forms, tables, etc."/>
    <img src="" style="margin-right:0px"
         title="There are many built-in show/hide effects and you can also make your own."/>

And initialize the ETooltip widget

    $this->widget('ETooltip', array("selector"=>"#demo img[title]"));


Available options of extensions:

- selector, string, the jquery selector. **Required**
- tooltip,  array,  the jquery tooltip plugin options. Optional
- image,    string, the image file name for the backround (default: black\_arrow.png ). Optional

####**selector** property 

#####Form example
The magic **selector** is the only required property. I call it magic because it let you work with anything you like. So imagine instead of images
there was a form.
<form id="myform">
    <input type="textfield" title="The username." />
    <input type="textfield" title="Password of user." />
    <input type="submit" title="Submit button." />
I can take a tooltip, with content the title attribute value, if you simple set selector to:

    "selector"=>"#myform :input",

####**tooltip** property

The [tooltip configuration]( can be initialized by tooltip attribute like:

    $this->widget('ETooltip', array("selector"=>"#demo img[title]",
            "position"=>"bottom center",

####**image** property

Image is the file name of the background image of the tooltip, as mentioned before. The image must be under the 
where are all available images you can use.

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