A command line password manager.
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Ironclad is a simple command line utility for creating and managing encrypted password databases.

$ ironclad --help

  Ironclad is a command line password manager.

  -h, --help        Print the application's help text and exit.
  -v, --version     Print the application's version number and exit.

Basic Commands:
  add               Add a new entry to a password database.
  delete            Delete one or more entries from a database.
  edit              Edit an existing database entry.
  gen               Generate a new random password.
  init              Initialize a new password database.
  list              List database entries.
  new               Add a new entry to a database. (Alias for 'add'.)
  pass              Copy a password to the clipboard.
  show              List database entries showing full details.
  url               Copy a url to the clipboard.
  user              Copy a username to the clipboard.

Additional Commands:
  config            Set or print a configuration option.
  decrypt           Decrypt a file.
  dump              Dump a database's internal JSON data store.
  encrypt           Encrypt a file.
  export            Export entries from a database.
  import            Import entries into a database.
  purge             Purge inactive entries from a database.
  setpass           Change a database's master password.
  tags              List database tags.

Command Help:
  help <command>    Print the specified command's help text and exit.

See the documentation for details and download links for pre-compiled binaries.