A fast command line utility for merging MP3 files.
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MP3Cat is a fast command-line utility for merging MP3 files without re-encoding.

$ mp3cat --help


  This tool concatenates MP3 files without re-encoding. It can join constant
  bit-rate (CBR) files, variable bit-rate (VBR) files, or a mixture of both.

  If a set of input CBR files share the same bit-rate, the output file will
  also be CBR; if the input files have different bit-rates, the output file
  will be VBR.

  Files to be merged can be specified as a list of filenames:

    $ mp3cat one.mp3 two.mp3 three.mp3

  Alternatively, an entire directory of .mp3 files can be merged:

    $ mp3cat --dir /path/to/directory

  [files]                 List of files to merge.

  -d, --dir <path>        Directory of files to merge.
  -i, --interlace <path>  Interlace a spacer file between each input file.
  -o, --out <path>        Output filename. Defaults to 'output.mp3'.

  -f, --force             Overwrite an existing output file.
  -h, --help              Display this help text and exit.
  -q, --quiet             Run in quiet mode.
  -t, --tag               Copy the ID3 tag from the first input file.
  -v, --version           Display the application's version number and exit.

See the project's homepage for details and binary downloads.