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This is the official continuation of PacketWrapper by dmulloy2. The original version can be found here.

When reading and writing packets in ProtocolLib, it is necessary to know the order in which the fields are stored in memory. This requires you to decompile the Minecraft source code with JD-GUI or find it in the Spigot work directory (/work/decompile/), while decoding the meaning of a field by looking up an online wiki resource (tutorial). It would be much easier if these packets could be accessed as any other normal Java bean.

Enter PacketWrapper. It contains wrapper classes for all known packets in 1.8, providing you with access to the fields by name, along with automatic conversion to existing Bukkit enumerations and classes. It also includes a number of custom enumerations when appropriate.

You can use PacketWrapper as a dependency if you wish, although it is highly recommended that plugin authors simply copy and paste the classes they need into their project. This helps guard against future changes in PacketWrapper and makes it easier on the end user.



You can compile this project yourself by using the latest version of Maven.


This project was mostly generated by a script.