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SwornRPG is a lightweight and fully-featured alternative to mcMMO. It is based upon a leveling system in which daily tasks such as farming, fighting players and mobs, enchanting, taming, and being on the server yield experience. As with any good leveling system, SwornRPG awards players with items and money (both of which are configurable) each time they gain enough experience to level up! Players also receive increased ability times and greater chances for many of SwornRPG's extra features! Players can check their xp and level using /level and check the leaderboard with /srpg top.

Thanks for over 12,000 downloads!!!

Official Servers

Try out SwornRPG here

http://shadowvolt.com/ http://minesworn.com/


Command Description Permission
/srpg SwornRPG root command
/a Admin only chat srpg.adminchat
/hc High Council chat srpg.council
/ride Ride another player srpg.ride
/unride Get off a player srpg.ride
/eject Kick a player off your head srpg.ride
/asay Send a colored message to the server srpg.asay
/iname Set the name of the item in your hand srpg.iname
/hat Puts the item in your hand on your head srpg.hat
/iname Set the name of your in-hand item srpg.iname
/levelr Reset a player's level srpg.levelr
/abilities Check ability levels
/frenzy Level based strength ability
/mine Super pickaxe based on level
/ammo Unlimited ammo based on level (Requires SwornGuns)
/level Check your level
/match Match a string with a player
/staff List online staff with permission srpg.staff
Marriage See here


This plugin allows for the salvaging of used armor. Salvaging the used armor gives the player SOME of the ingots back, but it is designed to be inefficient. For example: If you salvage a full set of unused diamond armor, you will only get 20 diamonds back (using the config defaults). If the armor is used, the plugin calculates how many ingots the player should receive based on what you defined in the configuration.

Other Features

  • Protects Iron doors from being directly broken
  • Certain blocks have a random chance of dropping random materials (Completely configurable)
  • Arrows have a random chance of setting the player on fire
  • Axes have a random chance of blowing the player back
  • Players can sit on chairs and slabs
  • Players are sent a mail message with death coordinates and time on death
  • Mobs and players display their health above their head
  • Admin and council chat
  • Players can ride other players (with srpg.ride)
  • Players can recycle blocks (random chance)
  • Players will get a little speed boost randomly
  • Players have a random chance of not taking fall damage


Permission Description Inheritance
srpg.* Allows access to all SwornRPG features! All
srpg.moderator Allows access to features meant for moderators Guard
srpg.guard Allows access to features meant for guards/lower staff Member
Individual nodes can be found here


  • A detailed configuration guide can be found here
  • The default configuration can be found here

Soft Dependencies

These plugins are not required but add some functionality to SwornRPG.

Name Functionality Link
SwornGuns Unlimited ammo ability Link
Essentials Mail messages with death coordinates Link
Vault Cash rewards on level-up Link
SwornNations* SafeZone and WarZone checks Link

*Also works with Factions 1.6.x

Development Builds

Development Builds can be found at our Continuous Integration server. These builds are not approved by the BukkitDev staff and are to be used at your own risk


Reporting Issues

When reporting bugs (in a ticket), please follow this template:

  • Provide any relevant stack traces (Use pastie or pastebin)
  • Provide the version of both CraftBukkit/Spigot and SwornRPG (found with /version and /srpg v, respectively)
  • Provide a detailed description of the problem and how it came about, as well as all (if any) steps taken to remedy the problem


  • Support will not be given for either of the following: Offline Servers and Servers running ancient versions of either Bukkit/Spigot or Java.
  • SwornRPG has been fully tested (as well as built with) with the latest builds of both Java and Bukkit.