Server tools for 7 days to die dedicated servers
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Server tools for 7 days to die dedicated servers


Go to the releases tab and check for the latest files

Download and extract the files.

Copy the Mods folder to the root directory of your server.

Start the server.

The mod will auto create the config file in the game save directory.
Enable each part of the mod you want via ..\your game save directory\ServerTools\ServerToolsConfig.xml
Once a module is enabled, if it has a config it will auto create them in the ServerTools folder.

# Current-Tools-and-Features

Anti Cheat

Automatically detects and deals with cheaters. Customizable

Detects: flying above or below ground, hatch elevator, teleport, invalid items, invalid stack sizes, family share accounts,
player stats such as height, speed, jump strength, max stamina, max health, available skill points.

Logs all player's inventory to a file for later review. Set the time between loggings. Default is once per minute.

Records player's IP address and location to the inventory log.

Records identical items and stacks found in a players inventory. These are not necessarily duped but this gives a record.

Logs of violators are auto created and deleted based on your settings.

Other Tools

Day7 alerts: automatically receive in game alerts to the upcoming bloodmoon. Can set a custom horde night value

Zones: set an area as a protected space. PvP inside is dealt with automatically. Alert upon entry/exit

Weather vote: vote to change the weather

Teleport to friend: request to teleport to a friend. They must accept the request in a time limit

Shop and wallet: make a custom shop list for players to buy from. Wallet is calculated automatically. Can only shop in trader zone

Vote rewards: for players voting your server at website

Travel: for players to travel to specific locations when in the right location. Can teleport a bike. Custom delay

Starting items: new players receive all the items from the StartingItems.xml

First claim block: players can type /claim to receive a single claim block. Prevents griefing

Give item: give item directly into a players inventory or all online players. Drops to the ground if their inventory is full

Give block: give block directly into a players inventory or all online players. Drops to the ground if their inventory is full

Admin List: players can type trigger an ingame list of currently online admins and moderators

Command delays: multiple commands have delay times. Players can not use the command until the delay has expired since last use

Command delay reset: reset any player command delays via the console

Temporary ban: console command tempban to allow a limited ban time for moderators or low tier admins

Custom chat command triggers: commands use / and ! to initialize commands but they can be set to any symbol

Stuck entity: automatically sends bikes, bags, and zombies to the world surface to prevent errors and server lag

Admin alerts: detections that require manual inspection is sent to currently online admins

Chat colors and prefixes: administrators, moderators, donators/reserved players, special players can all get custom chat colors and prefix

Auto shutdown: the server will auto shutdown after a scheduled time frame. Initiates shutdown system with alerts, world save, countdown

Animal spawning: made to be like an animal tracking system. Players spawn a random animal from a list

Stealth admins: while chat color and prefix is active, admins can disable their chat color to stay hidden

Reserved players: based on session time. Final slot can only be filled by admin or reserved status player. Boots players passed max session time to make space for others. Reserved and admins are never kicked

Custom commands: Make your own commands and set optional delays for the first ten entries

Check next shutdown: Can check when the next scheduled shutdown period is

Reservation check: players can check the expiration time for their reserved status

Gimme system: players can spawn a free item periodically with a custom delay

Killme command: players can commit suicide with a custom delay

Set home: save a home location so players can teleport to it with a custom delay

Set home 2: a second home location that can be set for donators only

High ping kicker: kicks players that have a ping too high

Chat logger: saves all in game chat to a file for later review

Bad word filter: replaces any words used in chat that matches ones from a list. Can also change bad player names to Invalid Name-No commands

Message of the day: shows players a custom message upon entering the server

Infoticker: automatically displays custom server messages. Can be set to display in a random order

Auto world save: automatically saves the world based on custom delay time

Watchlist: players listed here will be able to join but send online admins an alert when they are in game

Custom phrases: any phrases listed in the phrase file can be set to a custom response

Admin chat: admins can send all other online admins a direct private message

Clan manager: create clan tags, add players, hire officers and rule the server as a elite crew

Remove entity: remove a live entity from the game using its entity id via console

Reset player profile: an easy console command will kick and delete the saved data of a player

Stopserver command: easily shutdown your server with an alert system and countdown so players are aware

Lottery: players can open a lottery for any players to buy in. Lottery draws after 10 players join or 1 hour has gone by

Hardcore: limited life count. Kicked and profile deleted if out of lives. Stats recorded

Friend teleports: players can teleport to saved home points and send invites to near by friends to teleport as well

Kill notice: alerts when a player kills another player and what weapon was used

Bounties: players can put bounties on each other. If a player kills another player with a bounty on them, the value is added to their wallet

Kill streaks: while bounties are active, a kill streak can add to a player's bounty automatically

Kick vote: vote to kick a player. Requires at least 10 players online and 8 must vote yes

Restart vote: vote to restart the server. Requires at least 10 players online and 8 must vote yes

Player list: shows all online player names and entity id so players can use commands against them

Lobby: teleports to a defined location. Allows players to return when finished but they must be with in 50 blocks to the lobby location

Real world time: displays the real world time based on the servers local time

Fps: allows you to set the target server fps on server load up

Location: players can check their world location, response is their x, y, z cordinates

Auction: place an item inside a secure loot and use commands to remove it and sell it in the auction

Wallet: takes note of player kills, zombie kills, deaths and spent coins. Calculates a total for use in the shop, auction, bounties

Bank: allows players to deposit in game coins or wallet coins to a bank account. Exchange coin types through the bank

Bike: save a bike id while inside a claimed space. Return a saved bike if close enough to it

Death return: while enabled, players can return to where they died

Entity cleanup: removes falling blocks, stuck falling trees

Command costs: set a price required to use certain commands. Dependant on ingame wallet and earning coins by killing zombies. In game coins such as casino coin can be transferred through the bank